EDS has been working on behalf of the water companies of the UK since we were founded over 35 years ago. Our aim has always been to provide exceptional service to our partners in the water industry, operating on a philosophy of Seamless Integration. This means that we will always operate to the standards and requirements of our partners, allowing us to become an extension of their own operations.

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Our services:

Network investigation

EDS can undertake all aspects of network investigation including connectivity surveys mapping on behalf of water companies. We understand the need to balance speed with accuracy and are one of the few companies who can achieve both. This is thanks to our combination of diligent back office work with highly trained teams able to undertake all aspects of projects and complete input work to the highest and most accurate degree. Rewrite paragraph with more time

Pumping Station and Retention Tank surveys

We complete surveying work for all elements of pumping stations and retention tanks, including wet well surveying, pump control on/off levels, drop tests, and rising main locations and conditions. All of our survey reports are produced with detailed, accurate information and AutoCAD Drawings.

Bifurcation and Dual Manhole investigation

Including pollution risk assessment, remedial work including stopper installation, installation of pipe sections and rodding eyes, slabs and chamfered benching construction, and cleanses, EDS provides an array of services for Dual Manholes and Bifurcations in addition to surveying. With years of experience, our highly trained teams can swiftly complete projects to the highest standards and will survey all aspects of the asset as required.

Manhole and Outfall surveys

EDS completes all elements of manhole surveys to the highest specifications quickly and professionally. Our unparalleled back office support combined with highly trained teams means that we can complete projects on manhole and outfall surveys to an incredibly high standard and quickly.

Sewage Treatment Inlet Works

We can complete full dimensional surveys of Sewage Treatment Inlet Works undertaken from point of network to final point of control prior to treatment. This can include Storm Tank set-up and return, site layout, and any connecting manholes.

EDS have been one of Amey’s most forward thinking and collaborative supply chain partners over the last 9 years working on the Severn Trent Waste Water Contract. Their innovative way of collecting, quality assessing and quality controlling critical asset survey data has allowed us to deliver a fantastic level of service to our client”

Greg Williams – Account Manager – Amey

Our breadth and depth of experience in these areas means that all our teams are capable of completing high quality survey work on your behalf. It’s our performance in processing data quickly and professionally however which is often most valued by our partners in the water industry.

Our extensive processing capacity and highly trained back office team mean that we can deliver completed projects quicker and to a higher standard than any of our competitors.