Burton-upon-Trent CCTV Footage Shows Extent of Blocked Drains

Using our tractorised  motor unit CCTV cameras, EDS has identified a number of blocked drains near to a fast food outlet in the Burton-upon-Trent area.

Our CCTV team visited the site and found a mass of Fat, Oil & Grease which they then recorded using specialist sewer cameras. The CCTV footage was then returned to the EDS head office were it was coded by specialist technicians using WinCan software. The CCTV footage and subsequent report were then sent to Severn Trent Water for immediate rectification.

The below image is a still taken from the CCTV footage. The deposits along the sides of the sewer are fat, oil and grease (FOG). Build up of FOG deposits can cause sewer blockages which in turn can lead to restricted toilet usage and flooding. This can have a detrimental impact on the lives of those living within the vicinity of a blocked sewer, in particular it can cause unpleasant smells and surcharging manholes.

Once the sewer is cleansed, more CCTV footage will be taken to try to identify and confirm the cause of the build up of FOG.

Burton-upon-Trent CCTV
Burton-upon-Trent CCTV

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