Construction and Property

When commencing new construction projects or while refurbishing or managing homes, companies will frequently come across poorly maintained drainage or blockages. Construction and property companies trust us to manage drainage on their sites due to our wealth of experience, our efficient and professional service and our competitive pricing.

Our services:

Pre-build site surveys

When commencing new construction it’s important to have an understanding of the surrounding waste water network that you can rely on. EDS has over 35 years of experience performing exactly this type of work for water companies in the UK and will provide the same professional service for private clients.

These pre-build site surveys are indispensable to creating a waste water management plan and involve tracing the surrounding waste water and surface water provisions. We’ll give you a clear vision of the networks you’ll be connecting to as well as being able to advise on the impact of your development on those systems.

We can also provide advice on how to minimise surface water charges from Water Companies by showing the best ways to reduce reliance on the surrounding network; redirecting surface water either directly into surrounding water courses or by utilising sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

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New connections for completed building projects

In addition to tracing and surveys, EDS can provide you with help and advice in cases where new connections have failed to meet pressure test requirements for Section 106. Using our years of experience and specialist equipment, our site engineers and back office will use CCTV to explore the new connections and identify displacements, subsidence, and any other issues.

In the majority of cases we can use cure in place techniques to patch pipes without the need for excavation, saving you time and money on your project.

Site drainage cleansing

On construction sites, problems can often be caused by the build-up of silt and debris in both surface and foul lines during construction. EDS can help to manage this through CCTV surveys and cleansing pre, post or during a project. Our engineers have a flawless safety record and will provide you with a full report and CCTV evidence of the completed job.

Property management

For property management companies we can provide either one off or regular cleanses for commercial properties. This helps to prevent drainage issues caused by high density housing and the build-up of FOG which occurs over time even in domestic properties. 

All of our cleanses are completed to the highest industry standard and as with all of our work you will be provided with a full report once we’ve finished.

We can also undertake cure in place (CIPP) to remedy any damage to drains without the need to excavate.

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