• Employee-Safety-&-Training

    Employment Safety Training

Employee Safety Training

All personnel receive training or instruction where appropriate, to ensure they fully understand the risks and hazards of the processes and what risk mitigation, safety precautions and emergency procedures are required. Where applicable suitable certification by external bodies is sought e.g. City and Guilds.

Managers seek advice on health and safety training requirements / needs from the Company Health and Safety Advisor.

A comprehensive induction package is provided for new employees. This constitutes a thorough induction manual and the Company Health and Safety Policy. Induction training is carried out at head office and by use of the “buddy system” on site.

An assessment of the training needs of EDS has been carried out and is available on a database at our head office. A considerable amount of training has already been provided, the details of which are also on the database. Future training will be prioritised to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the risks involved in working for EDS and the procedures and methods of carrying out their duties in a safe manner.
Priority is given to:

  • Working Safely in Confined Spaces
  • Escape Set Use
  • Manual Handling
  • PPE
  • First Aid
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • New Roads and Streets Works Act (Signing and Guarding)
  • Other role specific training

Refresher training is provided as necessary. A database of current certification is held at head office and monitored on a monthly basis.

Records or certification expiry dates are kept within the database and refresher training course are arranged by the Operations Manager ahead of the expiry date with one of the Company’s designated approved training solutions providers.

Career Development

All personnel whose activity and responsibility affect Quality shall possess either the appropriate experience of have undergone the necessary training in order to perform their job to the required standard.

Awareness of competency and training needs of individuals will be monitored through appraisals, Management Development and established training needs.

Training Records are maintained for all employees and will include Induction, Personnel Qualification, Experience and Job Specific Training. Training records may be reviewed annually.

The Company has developed a Career Development Handbook for the purposes of aiding it’s staff develop their skills and allow for advancement.

Assessing Employee Performance

Under our normal staff management procedures, formal appraisals for all staff are carried out on an annual basis, with informal performance reviews being carried out at the half year. These appraisals and reviews incorporate review of KPI performance. This gives the opportunity to agree targets/objectives going forward and to discuss staff satisfaction levels, and any training needs. This ensures adequate competence, and also outlines any training needs that may need to be resolved.

In addition, regular team meetings will be held to discuss business progress and consult about ongoing changes. This will ensure that individuals are kept up-to-date on a regular basis.