Food Industry

Our experience with environmental protection and investigation has given us a unique insight into the challenges facing the food industry when it comes to handling their waste water. It’s also given us the skills and knowledge to help.

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

One major problem for everyone in the food industry from fast food restaurants, to pubs and commercial kitchens is disposing of their Fats, Oils and Grease. Increased awareness of FOG and fatbergs has led to most parts of the food industry adopting FOG management plans.

Unfortunately no FOG management plan is 100% effective and problems can be caused by anything from one careless member of staff to a customer flushing something they shouldn’t. Even with increased awareness of the issue and fat traps and other FOG reduction methods being fitted as standard there remains a requirement for proactive maintenance.

Foul Cleanses

CCTV surveys and cleanses of foul lines are the tried and tested method for maintaining your foul lines. Cleanses work by shooting pressurised water upstream to dislodge fat deposits. The broken up fat is swept downstream where it can be recovered from the manhole by our engineers ensuring that it is not simply moved further down the network.

We will always undertake CCTV surveys before and afterwards to ensure any problems have been fully resolved and to show the effectiveness of our work. CCTV Surveys also help us to identify any potential problems such as roots or pipes collapsing and repair them without the need for excavation.

Fat Trap Cleanses

Once installed, fat traps require regular cleansing in order to continue being effective. EDS provides a regular service at competitive rates using our Jet Vac fleet. Keeping your drains running and ensuring there is no disruption to your business will be our highest priority.

Surface Water

In addition to CCTV Surveys and cleansing of foul lines many businesses, particularly those with drive-throughs or car parks can benefit from taking a closer look at their surface water drainage. Often forgotten; surface water lines can commonly become blocked with silt, while grids and drainage gullies often accumulate leaves, debris and litter leading not only to flooding but also affecting the appearance of the restaurant.

Some of our clients:

“I have no hesitation in recommending EDS when it comes to drainage issues. Their team is very knowledgeable and well prepared to tackle any drainage issue your property may have. They are always prompt efficient and work well with me and my team”

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