Health and Safety Matters

At EDS we pride ourselves on our excellent Health and Safety record.

Many people believe Health and Safety involves useless tick boxes and wrapping everything in cotton wool. However we understand that the job we do can be dangerous, and that health and safety is showing how we care for our employees, our clients, and our job.

Our Health and Safety Policy calls for the active support and co-operation of all employees. Our Safety Management Statement gives detailed arrangements for this and is regularly updated for the changing nature of our work and equipment.

The underlying principle of our Safety Management Statement is that Health and Safety is the responsibility of all management personnel. Though all employees are encouraged to take personal responsibility and to point out any flaws or oversights whenever they occur, we feel it’s important that management take an active role in assessing and implementing all our Health and Safety policies. What this means in practice is that each Manager or Team Leader has a direct responsibility to ensure the health and safety of personnel under them and is held to account if there are failings.

All employees also have a duty to care for their own and each other’s health and safety and as such we encourage all of our employees to talk openly about any safety concerns. Everyone is made aware that the company Health and Safety Advisor is always available to advise and assist whenever needed. To help encourage on-going improvements to Health and Safety we’ve also established a Safety Committee comprising both employees and managers.


To be effective all Health and Safety has to be backed up by a comprehensive training programme. It’s important that anyone working in or managing the work of someone in a hazardous environment understands the risks, and what risk mitigation, safety precautions, and emergency procedures are required.

Managers seek advice on Health and Safety training requirements from the Company Health and Safety Advisor and where suitable arrange for certification by external bodies such as City and Guilds.

Alongside the Company Health and Safety Policy and induction training at Head Office we also utilise the ‘buddy system’ on site to provide continued support and training for employees by more senior and experienced colleagues.

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