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    Health & Safety

Health & Safety

At EDS we pride ourselves on our excellent Health and Safety record.

The success of the EDS Health and Safety Policy calls for the active support and co‑operation of all employees. The detailed arrangements for the implementation of the Policy are set out in EDS’s Safety Management Statement.

The underlying principle of the Safety Management Statement is that health and safety is the responsibility of all management. In effect this means that each Manager/ Supervisor and Team Leader has a direct responsibility to ensure the health and safety of personnel under his/her control. Each individual employee also has a duty and responsibility to care for his/her own and other employees’ health and safety and to co‑operate with management in this regard.

All Staff are aware that the Company Health & Safety Advisor is available to advise and assist in health and safety matters.

It is essential that all employees comply with the provisions of this Safety Statement and any associated safety rules and procedures and report to the appropriate Manager any occurrence or defects which appear to present a risk to safety and health.

We encourage communication across the company and have established a Safety Committee comprising of Management and Employees.

Copies of our Health & Safety Policy and all other documentation are available on request.