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  • Rioned-2

Our fleet of JetVacs includes…


JHL DSU 207 built on Scania P280 – 18 tonne

Our DSU 207 Jet Vacs have been used on various different works clearing blockages on larger sewers comprising of sewer pipes larger than 225mm. The 1 inch 150m jetting hose can clear most stubborn blockages ranging from mass roots to large build-up of FOG (Fat, Oil & Grease) via the use of particular jetting nozzles from the Warthog to Bomb.

Along with their jetting capabilities, our DSU 207 JetVacs can also be used to relieve heavily blocked manholes with their powerful vacuum suction via 5 inch suction booms with hydraulic telescopic arms. The vacuum function of our DSU 207 vehicles also assists EDS’ civil engineering teams when draw off is required during excavation works. The DSU 207s have one tank that is divided into 7000 litres of sludge storage and 3000 litres of water.

EDS has also acquired 30 meters of additional vacuum hose to be attached to our DSU 207s for times when it isn’t possible to park directly next to the working environment.


Whale Jet Vac

DAF LF55 – Whale Jet Vac – 18 tonne

Our Whale JetVacs are used similarly to the Scania DSU 207s on larger sewers with 1 inch jetting hoses and hydraulic gully suction arms backed up with their large storage tank. The Whale Jet Vacs have a hydraulic gully suction arm fitted to the top of the tank along with 1 inch jetting hose at the rear. The whales also have an auxiliary jetting hose fitted to the side of the vehicle.

The Whales are vital parts of the jetting fleet due to their ability to clear heavy blockages and assist in relieving large volumes of water/sludge from either manholes or civil excavations. Our Whale JetVacs also have a hydraulic tipping tank on the rear with a hydraulic door to empty the tank of its acquired sludge/pollution.



5.5 tonne Mercedes Rioned Unicom Combination Unit

EDS were undertaking a large amount of PDAS (Private Drainage and Sewerage) work and as a result of this, a large quantity of private blockages where located.

Our Rioned JetVacs are the perfect solution to tackling domestic blockages due their manoeuvrability around urban locations. Our Rioneds provide extremely high pressure water jetting capabilities via their 135 degree pivoting 80m ½ inch jetting hose which jets water at up to 3000 psi. Vacuum suction is provided by the 30m 4 inch suction hose attached to the rear side of the units. The Rioneds have a capacity of 1000 litres of waste and 500 litres of clean water for jetting.


City Flex

Isuzu 7.5t City Flex 204 Unit

With the majority of private sewers consisting mostly of 100mm and 150mm sewer pipe lines, our CityFlex Jet Vacs have the perfect accessories to work in this environment, with their excellent manoeuvrability around urban areas along with a ½ inch jetting hose, the majority of blockages on domestic sewers can be resolved during first time response.

Our CityFlex’s each have a 4m³ tank which is partitioned between sludge and water. Jetting pressure is 160 Bar or 2300 psi through a 60m ½ inch jetting hose with the vacuum suction working through the 4 inch 30m hose.

Similarly to our Rioneds, these vehicles have additional storage compartments which provide the added benefit of being able to carry Chapter 8 and CCTV equipment on board.