Case Study – McDonald’s Repair Works

McDonald’s Franchise where works were carried out

The Problem

A franchise owner contacted us to request an urgent investigation of one of their McDonald’s Restaurants. Their ladies toilet was repeatedly blocked, and though they had tried to unblock it several times themselves using drain rods, they’d been unable to find the problem. We advised them to close the toilet to the public for the time being and arranged an urgent visit.

Site Visit

The next day we made our first visit to the site. On arrival we discovered that several of the internal manholes were seized in place and that we would be unable to access the pipes via these to clear the blockage.

Going the Extra Mile

Our team immediately looked for other ways to access the blockage and decided to remove a rest bend section behind a recess wall.

The team cleared the blockage successfully but needed to find the root cause of the problem. They therefore gained access to the disabled toilet and completed a full CCTV survey of the affected lines.

  • Original Cover and Frame Seized
  • Cover and Frame Broken Out
  • Recessed Frame and Cover Replaced
  • Completed Frame and Cover


We talked our client through exactly what we had discovered and what repair works would be necessary to get everything fixed. We were able to answer any questions raised and provided reassurance that we would be able to minimise any disruption to the business.

Our Solution

We identified the ongoing issue as defective pipework within the store and recommended a combination of patch lining and relining of the pipes to restore them back to working order. We would also have to break out and replace several seized manhole covers and frames to allow free access to the system.

A joint displacement before and after patch repair

Return to Site

On returning to site all required works were completed within agreed timeframes to get the restaurant back up and running as quickly as possible. In total the site team un-seized two manhole covers, broke out and replaced a further two manhole frames and lids , completed a full foul water CCTV survey including new lines which were identified, installed three patch linings, and relined an entire length of pipe. Once the work was complete a report given to the client within two working days.

“I have no hesitation in recommending EDS when it comes to drainage issues. Their team is very knowledgeable and well prepared to tackle any drainage issue your property may have. They are always prompt efficient and work well with me and my team”

Martin Braham –  McDonald’s Franchisee