Stopping flooding on your car park

Preventative maintenance will keep your business free and operational during autumn and winter.

Schools, businesses, and homes have all suffered flooding this week impacting thousands of people around the country. The cause is not just heavier rain than usual. After all, what counts as heavier than usual in the UK?

The reason is usually blocked drains on car parks and hard standing areas.

The Problem

Throughout the year, gravel, litter, silt, and soil get washed into gullies and pipes designed to let surface water escape fast. This cause issues, but it’s with the arrival of autumn when the weather turns and the leaves fall that problems begin.

Blocked pipes, get mulch and fallen leaves swept in. They lodge on grit and rubbish already in the pipe and trap the water. Suddenly your drains have become sinks filling to overflowing.

Inevitably car parks begin to flood, but it can easily spread to footpaths, and under doors into buildings. As that happens, costs multiply and there are additional health and safety concerns.

The Solution

It’s a simple problem, with a simple solution. Preventative maintenance is cheaper, more effective, and much safer for customers and staff than waiting for it to become an issue. A yearly check up on your car park and hard standing drainage can help keep your premises open year around.

CCTV surveys are used to inspect pipes and find problem areas before they become a problem. Using these we find areas where there are obstructions and use high pressure water jetting to clear the blockages quickly and effectively. At the same time we also check for any other issues that can be affecting your network including root intrusions and broken pipes.

If there are further problems such as broken pipes or pipe subsidence causing issues then we can provide a range of no dig solutions such as patch repairs and CIPP linings to fix them without causing disruption to your business.

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