Waste Water

We have over 35 years’ experience in waste water management and can handle any issues arising from foul lines. Trusted partners for water companies and private companies up and down the UK, we can work with you on regular site visits or one off projects.

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Property transfer surveys

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, it’s important to make certain that the network is set up correctly and that the lines are not damaged prior to signing the contract. Failing to do so can set you up for years of trouble ahead and expensive remedial works. This is especially the case with properties used by the food industry where poor FOG management may result in blocked pipes. However no matter what industry you are in, it’s worth making sure that you aren’t going to come into problems with subsidence, root blockages, silt build up or cracked pipes.

Our Organisation have an arrangement with E.D.S. to provide a Drainage Cleansing / Extraction Programme, twice a year.  Since we were introduced  to each other via Severn Trent Water, over 7 years ago, E.D.S have been recognized as an outstanding contractor and are now included in the McDienstens list of Support Companies

Ken Hair – McDonald’s Franchisee

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Site surveys and cleansing

EDS can provide either one off jobs or an on-going schedule of cleanses for your sites. EDS will complete full site surveys for your location. This could be undertaken for a variety of reasons from wanting to locate manholes and grease traps to finding out where responsibility for your foul lines ends. We’ll provide you with a full report on your foul lines as well as an update on any issues with them.

As part of our service EDS will ensure that they are completely cleansed of grease, silt, and other blockages and re-survey them offering you complete information and peace of mind.

Just some of the issues we find on property surveys

Planned Maintenance

Undertaking regular cleanses and surveys of your waste water lines is the only 100% effective way of combating the build-up of FOG and is highly recommended for businesses in the food industry. However any property with a history of drainage issues, that uses a local pumping station rather than gravity fed sewers, or has a higher than usual amount of waste such as hotels and large offices will benefit from regular cleansing and surveying.

Repair works

When repair works are required on waste water lines, EDS can help. With years of experience in the industry we’ll be able to find the right course of action for your issue:

CIPP – Cure in place pipe lining

Cure in place pipe lining is usually the most economical and least intrusive method of repairs. It works by using a resin covered lining into a pipe and forcing hot water through it to cure it in place on the inside of pipes. Once this is completed EDS can use robotic cutting tools to travel through the pipe and reopen any lateral connections or junctions.


Though it’s usually a last resort, for some jobs there is no alternative to excavation work. When this occurs it’s more important than ever to use a trusted partner with years of experience. EDS has experienced operatives for this and will provide you with a clear plan of how and when we’ll approach this. While our priority will always be to ensure the highest standards of health and safety as well as a professionally completed job, we understand our customers’ needs as well and will work harder than anyone to ensure minimum disruption to your business and a cost-efficient completion.

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