Case Study – Amey Planned Works Programme


April 2020 – Ongoing

Total Number of Sites

6185 properties/pipes to survey

Resources Allocated

7 Van Packs with CCTV, 3 Jet Vacs, 2 CCTV Crawler Unit, 3 7.5t Combination Jetting Unit with CCTV


As part of the AMP5, AMP6, and AMP7 requirements for the Water Industry, Severn Trent Water and their partner organisation Amey are required to assess the condition profile of the company’s non-critical sewers and to select the most cost beneficial pipes for rehabilitation. This is in order to achieve stability, deliver improvements to the sewerage system yearly, and reduce the number of pollution events. EDS has been a key partner in this work since AMP5 in 2013.


Data on the properties, pipes, and areas to be surveyed is provided by Severn Trent Water and Amey to us, EDS are then required to process the initial information and create batches of work for our on-site teams. Site teams then attend sites and complete surveys of manholes and pipes forming a network of the surrounding area. Seized and broken manholes and critical damage to chambers are raised to other civils teams on the contract. Full information and any available images and CCTV are provided to the civils teams along with recommendations for the repair works. This process is tracked by EDS and full reporting on completed works is provided by us to the client.

Civils Works

Minor civils repairs to pipe work and benching etc. are conducted in house by our teams. Pipes are surveyed and blocked pipes have obstructions removed and are cleansed when necessary to facilitate a survey and ensure continuity of service for customers. Completed survey works are sent to our in house data processing team where additional concerns on the structural integrity . The information is rigorously checked following our quality assurance procedure and converted into the required digital formats for delivery to our client.


Strict targets are in place for both on site work and delivery of complete processed data to the client. Work is generally issued to us on a quarterly basis, within this time frame we are expected to complete all of the work issued. To ensure we meet this time scale we set ourselves additional targets to complete a proportion of the work weekly and then to have it processed and delivered within a two week time frame. This requires close management of the entire process from site to back office processing. We have an excellent track record in this maintaining both a high standard of work and delivering within the time frames.

All work is completed in addition to other large scale projects both with Amey and Severn Trent Water. We allocate resources to ensure that all projects are continuing to be completed in line with our commitments.

The work requires a combination of excellent on site work with a back office system to match. Our continued success in this has led to us being one of the top performing contractors on the project.

EDS have been one of Amey’s most forward thinking and collaborative supply chain partners over the last 9 years working on the Severn Trent Waste Water Contract. Their innovative way of collecting, quality assessing and quality controlling critical asset survey data has allowed us to deliver a fantastic level of service to our client”

Greg Williams – Account Manager – Amey